What will you find in the woods...

MISSING: Men, Women, Children and Pets are vanishing in Cumberland!

A gruesome urban legend has been brewing in Ottawa’s East End for years - and it’s beginning to look like the legend may be REAL!

Local residents and rival farmers have long suspected that something unnatural has been happening out at the Proulx Farm in Orleans, with reports of blood-curdling screams, a foul stench, unexplained power outages, and inexplicably lush & large crops.

No proof of foul-play has ever been found… Until now.

A cell phone found on the banks of Cardinal Creek not far from the Proulx Farm has revealed some disturbing images and videos.

Authorities are urging the public to report ANYTHING UNUSUAL they see at the Proulx Farm, and to use extreme caution when in the Cumberland Area.

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