Arrival & Departure Tips

Please arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before entry time, stay in your car if you arrive prior to that 15 minute window. All members of a group must be in attendance before approaching the gate. Please have your tickets printed out and ready to be presented at the gate.

Tickets must be purchased in advance but we will accept new tickets purchased 4 hours in advance if there is space available.

Looking for ticket info?  Click on "ADMISSION" (on the above menu, it will turn red).

Please follow instructions and direction from staff and sanitize hands upon entry to the farm. Masks are mandatory and physical distancing is in effect.


Please take a moment and review this important information prior to coming to sKreamers!
  • Print your ticket. Please write the names of all of your party on your ticket. This will provide for faster check in and provides us with a list of everyone who has participated. This is recommended by Ottawa Public Health in case the need to contact parties.
  • Please stay in your car until 10 minutes before your appointed time.
  • If you miss your time slot you may be refused entry. Rescheduling is totally based on availability.
  • Check in at the gate with your full group. You will be directed to your wagon corral in groups of 18 for temperature tests and COVID screening.
  • Masks are MANDATORY. They must be worn at all times. Please dress appropriately for the weather and to walk in corn fields. Wear comfortable shoes that you don't mind getting dirty, those in high heels will be refused.