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Welcome to our crazy corner of the world. These conditions are meant to offer you maximum enjoyment of your experience and are subject to change without notice.

When you visit there are lots of things to do but some you can’t. We have a few simple rules that are enforced so we thought we would share them with you to ensure that everyone has a safe and perfectly dreadful time.

Please follow instructions and direction from staff and sanitize your hands upon entry to the farm. Masks are mandatory and physical distancing is in effect.

  1. Guests are advised that touching any of our sKreamers team is simply not permissible or advisable. Lots of things bite or snap! Seriously, we value the safety and security of our guests and technicians. Anyone who purposely grabs, pushes or threatens anyone, may be immediately ejected from the premises. Be forewarned! As a part of your experience, our techs may touch or crowd you, but only to enhance the experience.
  2. sKreamers is NOT wheelchair accessible and with the strobe effects, scary actors, fast movements, loud noises, etc. we recommend that anyone with a sensitivity or a disability carefully consider attending our world.
  3. Guests who are visibly under the influence of any drugs or alcohol will be escorted off the premises.
  4. Admission must be purchased online
  5. While on the wagon ride, guests MUST remain seated at all times, keep all body parts within the confines of the wagon and refrain from vomiting. You may not be able to pick your seat.
  6. For your safety and the safety of others, sKreamers does not allow any running or horseplay, anywhere, anytime. Period.
  7. The Proulx Farm on which sKreamers operates is private property. Handbags, backpacks and purses are not permitted on the grounds, please secure them in your locked car. If you fail to comply you will be refused entry.  Reminder: No Refunds!
  8. There is NO SMOKING on the grounds whatsoever. Smokers may use our designated area in the parking lot.
  10. Lighters or anything that produces a flame is not permitted by guests.
  11. Anything that may ruin the sKreamers experience for other guests, whether it be the use of noise making apparatus, “spoiling” (verbally indicating what’s about to happen next), the use of abusive language, etc. will result in a warning/and or expulsion.

These rules are meant to offer you a most enjoyable visit to sKreamers. They are subject to change without notice.


Please take a moment and review this important information prior to coming to sKreamers!
  • Print your ticket. Please write the names of all of your party on your ticket. This will provide for faster check in and provides us with a list of everyone who has participated. This is recommended by Ottawa Public Health in case the need to contact parties.
  • Please stay in your car until 10 minutes before your appointed time.
  • If you miss your time slot you may be refused entry. Rescheduling is totally based on availability.
  • Check in at the gate with your full group. You will be directed to your wagon corral in groups of 18 for temperature tests and COVID screening.
  • Masks are MANDATORY. They must be worn at all times. Please dress appropriately for the weather and to walk in corn fields. Wear comfortable shoes that you don't mind getting dirty, those in high heels will be refused.