New COVID-19 Policies for 2021

What you need to know BEFORE you buy tickets...


For the 2021 season, ALL guests and volunteers who are eligible to receive any of the Health-Canada approved vaccines, must have received both doses 14 days prior to entering sKreamers. Proof of double vaccination will need to be accompanied by photo ID.
 As a charitable organization, we only want what is best for all in the community as recommended by municipal, provincial, and federal health authorities. We respect that some guests may not wish to be vaccinated and we hope that you get a chance to visit us in the future. We ask that in return, you respect our putting these laws into practice.
If you have a valid medical exemption from the covid-19 vaccine, please refer to the following steps you will be required to take before entering the premises:
  • you will need to provide a doctor's note upon entry that you are medically exempt from receiving any of the vaccines
  • you will need to provide proof of a negative covid-19 test
Those born in 2010 and later who are not eligible for the vaccine, will not need a proof of vaccination, a medical exemption note, or a negative test to be allowed entry. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us to discuss further.


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